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ROI starts with good exposure

Googles English Adwords advertising program and other Pay-Per-Click (PPC) options can give you a fast track towards good Internet visibility. But you can easily waste your money if you dont understand the technicalities. Thats where the English PPC professionals come in.

Futureweb are experts in English PPC advertising campaigns
We have four skill-sets that will help you win greater visibility on the Web (and in particular in Google with Adwords):
  1. Excellent command of business English on a professional copywriting level.
  2. Rich expertise in marketing communications on and off the Web.
  3. Knowledge of how to set up English PPC online campaigns properly.
  4. High technical experience in managing and monitoring Adwords campaigns and other English PPC campaigns.

Google says that Adwords advertising can give you top visibility
True. It can be a way to avoid all the effort needed to reach good generic search engine ranking. However, if you dont want to give Google easy money, ask some key questions:

  • What are the strongest keywords for my business?
  • Why do I need a Landing Page and how do I build it?
  • Why is it hard to write a good Adwords advert?
  • How can I set up my account smartly and not over- or under-bid?
  • How can I monitor and adjust my Adwords campaign effectively over time?

Theres a lot to master on the way to good ROI for PPC
We recommend one of two approaches if youre looking to squeeze value out of such advertising activity:

  1. Pay a member of your staff to spend major time learning how to run Adwords.
  2. Appoint outside specialists (like us) who are professionals in running Adwords and other PPC online advertising campaigns.

Futureweb will help you to manage your online advertising budget better. Well bring you higher qualified visitor traffic, with a better chance of conversion to new business sales. Well cover every aspect of your campaign: keyword selection, landing pages, writing adverts, monitoring and adjusting. Heres a PPC campaign with economy and performance.

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