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Building your online relationships
Mike Druttman, Copywriter

At the end of the day, why do you want to be online?


We all want to find success online. Through our web site we want to reach the right people and encourage them to contact us for further information. We do that by identifying and satisfying their needs.


While such goal is simply stated, applying it is much harder. You need a good grasp of your potential customers, as well as their business environment. Making a good impression there will open the door to promising business opportunities.


The role of Online Relationship Management is to harness the various skills available today - in copywriting, public relations and search engine optimization - in order to help you build a successful online marketing strategy.

  • Where do your customers look for information?
  • What are the issues that concern them the most?
  • What will help them to build confidence in a supplier?
  • What set of capabilities can you offer to build that confidence?
  • How can you best show your abilities to look ahead?

By carefully and thoroughly answering each of these questions, you can show your target audiences that your web site is much more than ‘another web address’. It is a serious resource that is worth book-marking and visiting frequently.


Our business is to help our clients step up a grade from Web Site Presence to Online Relationship Management. We will help you to build your reputation online and attract the kind of relationships that will serve you well, not just tomorrow but the next day, and the day after that.


About the author
Mike Druttman is a senior copywriter with great experience in Marketing Communications. He is still fascinated by the power of words and the voyage of discovery that accompanies each new client project. He’s based in Israel. His website is www.futureweb.ws

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