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The advantages of marketing writing
Mike Druttman, Copywriter

In a world where so much looks and feels alike, dare to be different.


When you write clear and understandable web site copy with a ‘soul’, it helps you stand out. On your hand, which finger is the most noticeable?


You’ve worked hard to develop your business personality. Now is the time to let that unique factor shine, by using a copywriter who is experienced in marketing writing.
It’s your copywriter who will help you find that personality and highlight it in your products, service and business approach. Remember, you only get noticed when you stand apart from the crowd.


Here are some suggestions on how to stand out better:


Organize your marketing messages

Every time you create a marketing support item (a brochure, presentation, press release, web site etc) you are sending a message. But are those messages consistent? Do they keep underlining the main reasons why customers should prefer you to your competitors?


Talk straight and to the point

When you get to the point quickly, you save the reader’s time and become more convincing. A skilled copywriter can help you deliver more value in fewer words. If your readers can remember two or three main messages, you’re doing well.


Look for a creative presentation

Search for an unusual and different way to present both the problem and your solution. This will give you a unique identity in your competitive environment. Give your copywriter and designer a creative challenge and see how they respond. Better still, expect them to work closely together.


Anticipate the next step

Make your web site a successful business tool. Go beyond good writing and attractive design by taking steps to locate your site on the Web where potential customers are looking anyway. A copywriter who also understands Web Marketing will be able to set up your site so it is far more effective.


About the author
Mike Druttman is a senior copywriter with great experience in Marketing Communications. He is still fascinated by the power of words and the voyage of discovery that accompanies each new client project. He’s based in Israel. His website is www.futureweb.ws

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