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What awaits you on the Web?
Mike Druttman, Copywriter

It’s getting harder to push your site online. Here’s the case for gaining more skills not just in good web site content but in web marketing too.


Many more people are getting online (around 10% of the world’s population according to Nua Surveys) and therefore the Internet is becoming the primary information tool. At the same time, achieving a top position in search results is becoming much tougher.


Two main factors account for this: the great increase in the amount of web pages; and the increased professionalism of the people responsible for putting those sites online. Gone are the days where you could achieve reasonable results with marginal effort - because most of the other sites around you were built in an amateur way.


Less room at the top

SEO expert Bruce Clay estimates that for a 2-word search phrase you now have to be in the top 0.005% group of search results, whereas a few years ago it used to be 0.02%. That percentage will shrink even more as the struggle for top search positions intensifies. What can you do?


More need for special skills

In most cases, you’ll need professional help. The whole business of web site marketing has become a full-time occupation. What’s more, with much tighter spamming rules, it’s much more likely that ‘quick fixes’ will fail. You have to deal with genuine web pages and valuable content, not artificial ‘add-on’ pages. The work is hard and therefore suited only to highly professional web marketing professionals.


Meeting industry standards

The people who are consistently most effective at web marketing are guided by the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) code of ethics. They are the ones for you because they are dedicated to long-term success. They also stress the importance of quality content and good link popularity.


Methodology, software, experience

Gaining the top positions calls for proven methodology, smart software and considerable experience. It also requires time, patience, dedication and money. In fact, as the number of people online increased, you should expect web marketing work to become more expensive. As in any profession, skill has its value.


Is the whole exercise worth it? Absolutely! In the right hands, your web site can drive major new business opportunities to your door. It can deliver more leads than any other marketing channel. Just be sure that when you’re looking for web site marketing people, you choose the real professionals.


About the author
Mike Druttman is a senior copywriter with great experience in Marketing Communications. He is still fascinated by the power of words and the voyage of discovery that accompanies each new client project. He’s based in Israel. His website is www.futureweb.ws

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