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Good copywriting for landing pages

A lot of the success in landing pages comes down to good copywriting. A well-structured landing page - with an eye on SEO needs - can attract new business leads. Talk to Mike Druttman, an experienced English copywriter who knows what landing pages need to achieve.

Start with a good writing style
A landing page has to be well written so that it can interest the readers enough to take action (i.e filling in the form). It requires copywriting skills that have been sharpened over many years.

Add marketing awareness
A company's advantages are not always evident. Often the copywriter has to dig for the key facts so that the landing page can offer the most persuasive sales arguments. Being attuned to marketing goals requires extra effort and it's a challenge that Mike welcomes.

Now add SEO knowledge
The landing page has to be highly optimized for keywords. At the same time it must be interesting to read. When you appoint a specialist copywriter who understands about SEO, you can satisfy both the search engines and the readers.

A writer who fits the team
A copywriter is often external to the SEO team, so it's vital that he or she can integrate well as a 'team player'. Mike has worked with many SEO crews and enjoys bringing great added value to the client's online success.

The ability to plan, construct and exploit good Landing Pages is a strategic asset in your overall Web Marketing efforts. Look upon them as your 'Commando Team' to focus on specific points of interest and offers, to be expanded in any direction you wish.
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