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Being exposed to professional insights beyond your immediate experience is a great advantage. Here are some of our thoughts on marketing communications issues that matter.

About Marketing Writing

English Copywriting: Why having excellent English just isn't enough
There are many excellent English-speakers in your country. But if your business needs to communicate in English, then you should consider hiring specialist skills in marketing writing and copywriting. English copywriter Mike Druttman explains why. More

Finding the creative Muse
To attract business audiences today, you often have to search for that special angle that will encourage people to give you a second look. Getting the angle often means Finding the Muse - that flash of inspiration. More

The advantages of marketing writing
Follow these four rules and all your marketing support material will be strong, more persuasive and more cost-effective. Promise! More

Ten tips for better writing
If you already follow the four above rules, here are another 10 points that take the subject into more detail. Every successful copywriter follows these guidelines to give his or her client a special advantage. More

Writing professional business documents in English
Most of your business communication in English will be conducted at a lower lever than web sites and brochures. Your proposals, business plans, e-mailers, press releases, articles and white papers should be professionally edited. More

About Web Marketing

The Web Site can wait - or can it?
The web site today is much more than just an electronic brochure. Its a major information platform and market support tool, able to deliver new business leads. So it deserves special attention. More

The 10 rules of Internet Branding
Putting your web site online is taking a conscious branding decision. You want people to find you and recognize your expertise. So it makes sense to step back and consider whats happening in this special environment. More

What awaits you on the Web?
Its getting harder to push your site online. Heres the case for gaining more skills not just in good web site content but in web marketing too. More

Is SEO everything that it claims to be?
Youve built the site. Now it has to work for you on the Web. How should you approach these Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques that are offered as the solution? What should you bear in mind? More

Building your online relationships
When you put your site online, you start to build relationships. How you manage them can be crucial for your market success. More

Linking strategies for niche sites
The owners of a web site directed at a specific business-to-business market should not be satisfied to just let it sit there on the Internet. They should seek to dominate their market niche. More

The definitive Link-Building strategy
The process of building up links to a web site and involves a great deal of effort and a long-term approach. However it can produce impressive results if applied as part of a Linking Strategy. Here is a step-by-step guideline. More

About Site Building

Whats a good Content Management System?
Many sites are being built these days with a Content Management System (CMS). But are you sure youre getting all the features you need? An experienced webmaster offers his advice. More

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