Linking for web sites Israel
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Linking for websites Israel
The power of the connection

If I only had one marketing dollar, Id spend it on Public Relations,
said Bill Gates. His solid logic works on the Internet too, because applying a linking strategy for websites is just like using smart PR. Since linking is the core of all
surfing, it can help you stand tall even against tough competition.

Link popularity is a major factor influencing search engine ranking
Its affected by the number of other sites that include a link to you. Think of it as winning votes for your site. For example, a link from Reuters will be worth much more than 20 links from your friends sites. Web site linking is a pro-active task that demands understanding, persistence and an open mind.

Theres no half-hearted way of getting quality links to your site. Everything has to be done professionally and manually. First you discover the areas of the Web most relevant to your business. Then you look for the target sites with the greatest linking value.

Setting up a good Linking Strategy is crucial
This is important if you really want to find linking success and there are two stages.
The basis involves writing good content, optimizing for your main keywords, having an SEO-friendly design, ensuring good site navigation and setting up internal web site links. Then youre ready to scan the Internet for the right linking opportunities. Its like pressing your foot on the gas.

Let us handle your linking work. Itll increase the impact of your site on the Web in ways that will surprise and please you.
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