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Business writer Israel
Writing business documents
Business Documents
Getting to whats important

There are challenges in writing a good business document. You need to be balanced, detached and have a sense of judgment. You need to communicate clearly and with confidence. We'll help you express yourself better.

On the outside, looking in
This is the journalistic approach that defines the writing of a Business Plan, Report, Marketing White Paper, Press Release or Article. While the approach makes it harder to deliver the required product, it's ultimately valuable in terms of how such a business document can influence the reader. It's been proven that objective business writing is more credible than marketese.

As business writers, we can assist you in all the above areas, either by writing the document from scratch or by improving versions that have been initially created by you. Well work closely with your team, shaping and adapting the business document until it can satisfy even a skeptical audience. We wont shrink from asking for clarifications and justifications whenever these are indicated.

Your target audience is looking for depth
The ability to deal with business documents as well as the front end of marketing (such as sites, brochures and adverts) is an important step in building an integrated marketing communications package. These documents provide the deep resources and facts that you can exploit in many other promotional ways. They are often the first to be read. They deserve to be well supported.
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