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The role of a good storyteller

A good business copywriter should be a good storyteller,
since the key is to catch people's interest." Mike Druttman

We all want to be motivated
At the core of being a good copywriter is the strong desire to tell a story in an interesting way - to hold people's attention from beginning to end. This is as valid for business documents as it is for websites, brochures or presentations. It's the approach taken by Mike Druttman, an experienced native-English copywriter.

Close and personal
Whether you're a large company, a small one or an individual, you need a copywriter with the skill and empathy to understand your business. Mike 'takes ownership' by investing energy and creativity to write about your field as if it was his own.

Using centers of excellence
To provide a complete product Mike works closely with experts in associated fields. He calls them 'centers of excellence'. These specialists join him to offer clients highly professional and effective web sites as well as high quality printed brochures, presentations, scripts and more.

The delight of teaching others
Alongside his copywriting activities, Mike also tutors others about English marketing writing and business writing. He has a real passion and talent for teaching people who work in the marketing communications field and guiding them to better results.

Decades of experience
Mike Druttman has focused his entire career on Marketing Communications and Copywriting. In the 1970s he worked in Central London advertising agencies and Public Relations consultancies. From 1981 onwards he has lived in Israel and continues to work internationally.

His clients are located in the UK, USA, France, Spain, Turkey, Israel and other other Middle Eastern countries. Futureweb maintains offices in Israel and in the UK.

Over 15 years with websites
Mike established Futureweb in 1998 after shifting his attention to the Internet. Over these years he has constantly refined his web content skills and aligned his work for the needs of SEO optimization. Read his blog on www.contentoptimizationexpert.com

If you agree with Mike Druttman that "good business communications is a joy", contact him and his team for your next high quality communications project.
Mike Druttman, senior copywriter, Israel
Finding the muse in marketing writing
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