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The logic behind Landing Pages

Landing Pages are so useful because they work. 'Keyword relevancy' and 'valuable search results' are two things that everybody wants when they're looking for something on the Internet. Among all the irrelevant stuff on the first pages it's good to find something that's exactly what you're looking for!

Study the results on the first page. You'll see a lot of search results that have only limited relevance to the search term. In some cases, the Title and Description of the web page gives you the 'whole story'. For example, if you search for 'french linen' you may find:

Customised French linen from french linen expert Henri Lequippe
Made-to-measure oversized French linen supplied by french linen expert Atelier Henri Lequippe - customized sheets, duvet covers, pillowcases & more.

However you may also find:

French tablecloth, bedspreads, market basket and home wares
7 Feb 2009 ... Index | Fabrics and Table Linen | Bedspreads and Boutis | Provence Giftware | Santons | French Market Baskets | Provence Info | Links ...

There's nothing wrong with this second result and it DOES cover the subject matter - but it also gives a lot of other information that may not be required. When you're scanning Google's first page ask yourself: "Where IS the quality information I'm looking for?"

A regular web page is rarely strong enough to do a proper job. That's why Landing Pages exist. They give you the relevance, interest and 'visibility' you need to make a difference.

Start by focusing on one goal. Around every keyword there's an interesting story to tell and it's the job of the Landing Page to tell it. Going back to the Henri Lequippe example, we can talk about:
  • The range of French linen they offer
  • Their ability to provide special sizes for beds and tablecloths
  • Their services in customized embroidery
  • Information about ordering and deliveries
  • Background about the company - their expertise

Around all these text on the Landing Page, written in an appealing marketing way, will be 'calls to action' - tell us about your specific requirements, get our catalogue, contact us today.

Seed your keywords within the text. An effective Landing Page is likely to contain 300-450 words (not more, it gets tiring and tedious after that!) and to have the keyword repeated about 6-7 times. Then you also have the META code, images and sub-links to optimize. The whole 'package' works together to support your important keyword.

Win good search engine placement. The result of your Landing Page effort is a web page that 'performs' well, not only for the Search Engines but equally for the people looking for goods or services. They'll be happy to find your page and act upon it. Remember too that once you have built one Landing Page, you can build other variations at low cost using the same design template.

The logic behind Landing Pages
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