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Our experience with webmasters shows us what works and what doesn't. Your site needs to be built efficiently, with simple code and easy content updating tools. It needs to load fast. We provide the optimal synergy between client, copywriter, designer and webmaster.

It's the total package that's important
There are many open-source building solutions available. That doesn't mean they're the best for you. You can use site-building software that looks simple to begin with (from the user's perspective) but in fact needs a lot of training to master. Defining the right kind of building process and how much time it takes from you is critical. That's why you should consider the whole 'project management' package.

Anticipating future problems
The real test of a web site comes after the website has been completed. How easy will it be to make changes, add links, replace text and photos? How friendly and intuitive is the Content Management System? Are you satisfied just to control the content or do you need control over the images as well? Sometimes having the webmaster make changes is more cost-effective than doing them yourself.

Our experience has shown us that frequently it pays to add more programming work at the start because the website becomes easier to update and maintain later on.

Our range of technological solutions

Content Management Systems (CMS) - There are many solutions around, so its important to select the best-of-breed. We guide our clients with objective and professional recommendations. We also work with SEO-friendly systems.

Development Technologies - We have experience of many web technologies - ASP, ASP.NET and PHP - as well as databases such as MySQL, Access and SQL Server. Our webmasters keep constantly updated about what works best.

File Ownership and Storage - We ensure that theres a complete transfer of ownership to you at the end of the website construction process. We also prepare a back-up copy for you of all site-building files and elements.

Site Registration for Search Engines - We arrange a Google Site Map at the end of the process and ensure that your web site is properly recognized by Google. There's no situation where your website is on the Internet and yet 'invisible'.

Site Hosting and Maintenance - We can handle all auxiliary services for you such as registering domain names, setting up site hosting services and transferring sites from one hosting company to another. Use us for periodic upgrades too.
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