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A web site, like all other marketing channels, is an extension of the brand. But unlike other media, it is also the springboard to the world's largest marketplace. We know that web site design is a powerful stimulus for visitors. Does it get the attention it deserves?

Good design considers how people respond
When youre planning a design for your web site, one of the first tasks is to think about the user experience, patterns of behavior and responsiveness to triggers. So its very important to be sensitive to how people react to your site. Yet how often do web site designers consider this?

The key requirements for a well-performing site are to choose a fresh visual approach, search for harmony and have a good hierarchy of information. When these factors are integrated with good content and clear messaging, youll ensure that the visitors have a satisfying and productive experience at your website.

Achieving harmony is a tough call that involves skill and dedication
What looks simple as the final product is often the result of an intense planning process. While there are many interesting presentation techniques for web sites today, they should be applied in the right dosage. Web site development should advance in a smooth and intuitive way, avoiding abrupt and jarring changes.

An appealing website can become one of your most valuable marketing tools - a unique place bookmarked by visitors, which stimulates many new business opportunities. At its core will always be the design - a strong visual escort that supports the most important areas of your site and brings your messages to life.
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A unifying image for a water conservation
and irrigation congress in the Middle East.
Designer: Guy Nawy
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