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Breaking through

Think of the Internet today as a layer of thick ice. All that competition and noise. How do you break through and get noticed? If your site doesn't have proper 'visibility, it just freezes in place. Everybody wants value from their website. Welcome to website (SEO) marketing.

Internet is now a dominant factor in our lives
According to Internet World Stats, the number of Internet users has expanded 10 times between 2000 and 2014, standing at 3035 million users worldwide today. Intetrnet population penetration is 88% in North America, 70% in Europe, 52% in Latin America and 35% in Asia. Despite these numbers, your web site can be well positioned where people notice it. That depends on good website marketing (SEO).
  1. Content - The foundation for website marketing continues to be good, interesting content. Site visitors need to understand clearly what you are offering and what benefits they can get. So the foundation for website marketing is good content. More

  2. Optimization - Most people use search engines to find information. So optimizing your site for the keywords typed in by potential customers is an essential process towards being more visible. More

  3. Linking - How many other sites link to yours (like getting votes) is a major factor in search engine ranking. Its a pro-active task that demands understanding, persistence
    and an open mind. More
At Futureweb we believe that web site marketing must be professional. This means building everything carefully and methodically so that you have staying power.

A lot of SEO is actually best practice
A word about building your online relationships
Good content and SEO go side by side
The web site can wait - Or can it?
This image (called the Golden Triangle) was
developed by Google to show the strongest
area of reader attention on a search engine
results page. Its also called a heat map.
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