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Adwords PPC campaign, Israel
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Much of the success with Googles Adwords advertising program depends on the advertising content. This means writing good ads that encourage people to respond and constantly improving Adwords ad performance in order to win a higher Click Though Rate (CTR). Here are some guidelines:

I look, but I dont see. This is a statement that you hear a lot with advertising: the ads are there but we dont notice them because theyre not strong enough to grab our attention. Thats why developing good ad copy for PPC campaigns is so important. It has to be noticed and it has to encourage action.

Think about whats special. Its a fact that people look at sponsored links in search engines less than at the general results. So your Adwords advert needs to contain special and appealing messages. Can you think of a special deal or benefit? Do you have something with a time value? Get people to See/Click/Act.

Apply your keywords and target them. Keywords are crucial for placing your Adwords advert right in front of your customers eyes. You need to compose an interesting and telegraphic message that stresses a benefit and conveys the maximum information in the minimum space.

Exploit Adwords space restrictions. Its tough at first, but with practice you can exploit Googles space restrictions to your advantage. The headline is a single line up to 25 characters. The body text has two lines, each up to 35 characters. The character count includes the space count. If you use a special Landing Page with a URL that also includes keywords, youll add more search relevance.

Avoid exaggeration and short-cuts. The best approach is to be truthful and direct, avoiding advertising hype and boastful claims (dont say: The best XXX around). Google doesnt allow chat lingo shortcuts, such as U instead of you. Also, write your texts without a, in, an, it, of (so Special Offer, not A Special Offer). Using & instead of and will save space.

Be ready for constant changes. Running an Adwords PPC campaign allows you to try out many different variations of adverts. You (or your Adwords writing specialist) will be trying out various approaches and then tracking which perform better. Getting high CTR is all about monitoring, changing and monitoring again. Be prepared to spend time on this.

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