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Powerpoint presentation writer Israel
Copywriter for presentations, Israel
Inspiring Videos and Powerpoint Presentations

Video has great power today and is often included in the site's home page. Powerpoint presentations, when created in the right way, have strong impact. Take the initiative in these exciting areas.

Powerpoint at a different level
Creating a strong and effective Powerpoint presentation is a discipline. You need to control the number of slides, the information on each slide and the effects of the whole show. You need to build an interesting story and exploit the fact that people have limited patience.

We enjoy the challenge of creating strong and memorable Powerpoint presentations. Give us your old presentations or let us start from scratch. You'll be impressed how we work and how we make your special story unfold. Texts and visuals support each other in full harmony to deliver excellent results.

Videos of three minutes or less
A lot of good creative effort is needed to deliver an appealing product-support video. We live in a 'click and watch' society where you have to impress within seconds. So short videos have a unique importance and focus.

Script-writing for videos is a specialized skill. You need to get into the 'spirit' of the subject and set an interesting pace - always working closely with the video producer as an integrated team. We call it a 'labor of love' because that's what is needed to make a difference.
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